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Realistic Pilates

Extend Exercises for the Over 60’s

A safe and effective form of exercise that will enable you to look and feel your very best!   It’s about core conditioning and strengthening muscles to improve posture, give flat lean abdominals, strong healthy backs, and total relaxation for the body and mind.  With regular practice an increased awareness of the body is achieved which can be taken into everyday life enabling movement without tension and pain.

At first glance it appears to be  a gentle and easy form of exercise; however its combination of strengthening and mobility moves can create a very intense and highly beneficial workout. High levels of fitness or great suppleness are not a prerequisite for Pilates.   In fact, Realistic Pilates enhances both of these conditions, whilst strengthening the "core muscles" within the torso.  
If a sports enthusiast, then pilates can help improve your game.  It also helps develop breathing control, and improved co-ordination. Realistic Pilates in particular pays attention to proper technique and classes are small to provide individual attention. 

The good news is that "Realistic Pilates" suits all ages and no previous experience is necessary.   Many people who suffer with remedial problems often find themselves pain free as a result of taking up Realistic Pilates.  Sometimes specific health problems are best suited to one to one sessions. Ante-natal and post-natal tuition can be provided.

These classes are pre-arranged and paid for in blocks - please contact me to confirm vacant slots.

These classes are lots of fun and provide a good social network for all who attend.  They are highly beneficial for anyone who is new  to an area and keen to make new friends or for those who live alone and enjoy company.

Each class begins with a warm up which includes postural awareness.  Then each area of the body is worked in a gentle format.  Every session includes some seated work where we invariably use different props/equipment for fun and entertainment.
Small hand weights are used each week for a short space of time to maintain muscle strength (optional) and help improve co-ordination. Sessions usually finish with some relaxing Chi -Gong* which has proved so popular I now finish every class with some easy to follow postures!

*Chi Gong forms a part of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Whilst acupuncture and herbal medicine form the restorative aspect, Chi Gong forms both a preventative and restorative side of the system.  Under the principles of Chinese Medicine (Chi) is the animating life force that exists within and around everything.  Chi Gong - literally Chi exercise stimulates the flow of Chi in order to prevent ill health, and it can also be used as a restorative tool to enhance health benefits. 

Nursing Homes/Sheltered Housing

These classes aim to maintain a level of fitness which assists the activities of daily living e.g. being able to independently rise from a chair and walk short distances.  Fine motor movements are also used to assist dressing/doing buttons, ties etc, also exercises to help with arthritis in hands and finger joints, as is a range of exercises to assist improving circulation and aiding fall prevention.  

A variety of  equipment  and music that is fitting for that age-group is used and a lot of fun is generally had by all, as is lots of singing along!  Its always heartening to see someone who is unable to do some of the exercises still singing along and tapping their toes obviously gaining some enjoyment from the session. Visitors often join in and have fun too! 


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The most common translation of the Sanskrit word yoga is “union”. Yoga is a practice and a philosophy that originated in India 6000 years ago. Yoga works to develop every human faculty (physical, emotional and mental) to bring them together harmoniously.  Yoga has been described as a science of living. It combines physical movement and postures, basic and skilled breathing techniques and relaxation, Yoga stretches,strengthens, tones, aligns and improves the health of the body. Yoga enhances awareness of your body and breath, and can help you to develop a state of mental calm and emotional stability.

I teach Hatha Yoga and vary my classes each week. I focus on alignment and breathing in order to help release tension in the mind and body and to help participants to develop greater body intelligence.

Classes run for 1 hour 15 minutes and cost £7:50 per class drop-in, or paid for in blocks (usually 6 weeks @ £42).

Please bring your own mat and blanket

These classes are pre-arranged in blocks - please contact me to confirm vacant slots and book your place.

The cardio-based dance steps are easy to follow and include body sculpting which targets areas such as gluteus, legs, arms, core and abdominals, and the most important muscle in the body  - the heart!  Suits all and no previous experience is required. Each class consists of a warm up, main section which is dance based Latin American and international music, and finishes with some cool down stretches

This Latin based dance fitness class integrates some of the principles of aerobic, interval, and resistance training to maximise caloric output, cardiovascular benefits and total body toning.  Children over 8 may now join my Zumba classes.

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